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Re: Sternbach blueprints question

Thanks for the response! I have hardcopy of the published blueprints of Enterprise D, but they were reduced scale. I could scan them to 600 dpi tifs or something and rescale, but that's a hassle to do, and I'm not really helping myself that much to do it...

In any case, knowing that Rick resolved a lot of the complications in the blueprints which arose from changes made during the series, I'd be awfully curious to know what those changes were. I get that NDA's are NDA's, but I'm more interested in identifying the original blueprints inconsistencies and what the best resolution of them would be rather than a set of official or unofficial corrected blueprints, per se. If you ask me, the fun will be in the rearranging, anyway. (I think it'd be neat, for example, to see what a layout would look like to put the bridge in the saucer's mid-section - an early idea for the show that was scrapped)...

If nothing else, I figured someone else must have taken pains at some point to identify plan inconsistencies and suggest good solutions.

Anyway, it's no great loss if I don't get any leads. I've sorted through havoc92's ongoing TOS 1701 build (98 pages on 3DBuzz... yikes) and noted much of his wrangling with the FJ plan inconsistencies. Rick's original set isn't fraught with nearly the degree of problems as the FJ plans were, so I'm not greatly worried.

Besides, I'm an engineer - figuring this stuff out on my own is (almost) as much fun, anyway.
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