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Re: Uh-Oh!! Is Microsoft setting up to answer Sony?

Damn.. if MS really goes the Always on route and Sony doesn't it might actually be a big factor in this console race.

As i said before both consoles are pretty much on par technology wise.. similar design concepts and similar power on average (one does maybe win in certain areas but the other makes up for it by being better in others). So it all comes down to features, personal preference and some exclusive titles.

I'm an XBox man myself but i'm not hardcore locked into one company.. whoever provides me the best gaming experience (that's very subjective of course) gets my money. I also live in an area with very stable internet connection ( i can count the times of disconnect by the ISP on one hand in more than 10 years.. that's a pretty good service) so Always on DRM wouldn't be a factor for me but it's about principle.

There is absolutely no technical reason whatsoever to have an always on device or game other than DRM and every company can suck it if it tries to imposes it on me. It's something different with purely multiplayer games like Diablo 3 but a single player game requiring this feature? Gimme a break..

If MS really wants to shoot itself in the foot go ahead.. come launch day expect the 720 to be unusable for days or even weeks while PS4 are laughing their ass off (only if current rumors remain true of course).

If it turns out to be like this consider me heavily leaning to the PS4 this fall/winter when they are released.
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