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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness Villain Spoiler

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Which mag?
It's a one-off, but still on the newstand. The cover is a collage. In the upper left-hand corner it says "Star" in a font that looks to me to be similar to the tabloid of the same name.

An interesting feature is the rythum of the articles - the features are comprised of alternating paragraphs where the first one is informational followed by one which consists of a supporting quote from a credible someone. It's kind of poetic and makes it a somewhat fun read.

Of course there is not a whole lot new info BUT it did have a lot of production stills I hadn't seen before (Like one of Leonard Nimoy in the makeup chair during the filming of "Amok Time").

PS: I got my copy at a supermarket, however, I also saw it at the Wal-Mart (if that helps).
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