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Re: Do you like to read?

Thanks, Kestra. A big part of how I ended up with such a wealth of books is that I bought the ones that I was (and still am) interested in--science, travel, health, religion, and the list goes on. There's really nothing in my library that I felt obligated to buy but didn't want, but as I said, I've got a short attention span and also from time to time get bogged down in a particular chapter or section.

Whenever I have some extended time off from work, I make it a point to at least catch up on my DC and Marvel comic books (they're short and at least illustrated). Add to that the magazines that I'm reading and my TV viewing schedule (and believe me, I watch fewer shows now than I did 5 years ago), there's hardly any time for me to get to the "bigger" non-fiction books.

Reading, to me, takes discipline; I'd have to be locked up in a room with no electronics to concentrate on a book.
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