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Re: teacake does Farscape: Spoiler Free first time viewing

Vitas Mortis: And to think I just listed in another thread "rapid aging disease" as something I never wanted to see in science fiction again.. well at least this time it was the ship!

I agree with Crichton, energy transference is never a good thing. You just know something will go wobbly.

I like how Crichton is now wearing a peacekeeper coat he picked up somewhere, or perhaps it was left behind by Crais. He looks a bit playing dressups in that long swashbuckling thing.

I do not like how he went all Archer in the beginning when faced with stuff he didn't understand. Yelling and gun waving and butting in.

Why has D'Argo turned into Malibu Luxan? Was it freezing in space?

Chiana's D'argo attraction is cute.

I like how this series can start an episode off without filling you in on all the background. Why were they there? What happened on the commerce planet? Much is left unsaid, D'Argo doesn't try and explain the Nilaam and who they are in his culture at all, he just lets his emotional response give us an idea. Seems to be less filling in the dumb viewer with conversational clutter than on Trek.


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