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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2013

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WTF SyFy...

The untitled project, from Fox TV Studios and Ross Finemanís FtvS-based Fineman Entertainment, starts off with a meteorite striking a plane. The only two survivors find themselves sleepwalking and waking up with no memory of their actions. On the run from the government, they must figure out what happened to them and prove their innocence.
So wait...the government thinks they brought down the plane using a meteorite, which somehow also caused them to sleepwalk? Sounds like the kind of TV show my brain creates when I go to sleep after eating too much pizza.
Yeah, not quite sure what to make of that. What exactly do government agents and sleepwalking have to do with a meteorite? Usually I try to give SyFy the benefit of the doubt but what they've revealed here doesn't even make sense.
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