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Re: Do you like to read?

Sorry for bumping this but I've been busy and then sick so I didn't have a chance to reply sooner. I've just recently been having discussions with a few friends who like to read but find themselves easily distracted and can't get through the "dry" subjects, or long non-fiction books.

A few ideas. Don't feel like you should be reading anything in particular. Don't buy a book because it will look good on your shelf or because you feel like you should be reading something impressive. Read what you're interested in. And there's such a variety out there. History, for example. Pick a particular time or region that might interest you. It's a narrative, so just find someone who tells it in a way that you'd find interesting. Maybe read some historical fiction first to ease into it. Or pick up something like "The Intellectual Devotional" that will give you tidbits of information and be a jumping off point for you to read more when something catches your eye.

Obviously, I love reading. One of my earliest memories is of sitting in a loft in my preschool classroom, reading away. With the way technology and entertainment is now, it might take some more willpower and concentration to actually sit down and read a book. It's easier to just muck about on the internet, isn't it? I personally like to turn off electronics and just sit down and make myself read for an hour or two before bed. It takes a little dedication, but I think it's worth it.
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