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Re: What the Internet looked like in 1995

I loved Netscape and was kind of sad when they stopped making new releases. It had the little email icon in the corner, and when you got new mail it would make a "bonk" sound and show an exclamation mark next to the icon! I would get so excited because this Internet thing was so new to me! And I really enjoyed experimenting with HTML back then with one of my buddies (a fellow Trekkie)! Before that computer, we had one of those computers with the floppy discs and a dot matrix printer. I remember playing King's Quest IV. "Please insert disk 3." LOL! And before that one, my dad had this computer that only did one thing - it showed a Christmas Tree in letters or numbers or something. I was never sure why we had that computer? Anyway, that first video reminded me of this video:

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