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Re: teacake does Farscape: Spoiler Free first time viewing

Mind the Baby: So is Zhaan rededicating herself to the Delvian seek because she's actually afraid they're all going to die? Because it seems awfully inconvenient, indulgent and rude to the real people trying to get her attention and input. I know she steps out of it eventually but I was trying to figure out if this was something she was headed into before this episode, something that had now come upon her. But apparently no, she's just freaked out and has gone into hibernation chant mode.

Lots of what the hell moments..


WTH?? oh wait, I think we did see this earlier on, I just forgot. Had a shock

WTH AGAIN! Nicely fits her physique, she's right out of a circus.

I am now super interested in seeing what becomes of Talyn and Crais. The story of the baby leviathan's confusion and attempts at loyalties and his mother's desperation was great.



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