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Re: teacake does Farscape: Spoiler Free first time viewing

If you're not sure if something has been revealed yet please.. just don't mention it.

Family Ties Pt 1
: I'm not quite getting why Rygel wasn't airlocked at some point during this double ep.

I'm a huge fan of alien food scenes, especially if they go beyond dragonfruit and rambutans.

I do recognize poppadoms

This episode seemed a little choppy but also had some great scenes.

Crais asking for asylum was an interesting turn. It's not like Moya is a country that has some obligation to take such a request seriously. All he seemingly has to offer them is not being on the loose. His making peace with Crichton over his brother's death was a great scene, at that point he loses the cardboard villain quality and takes on a complexity.

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