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J.Allen, please keep me posted on results... here or PM. My best wishes to you always, my friend.

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As to chocolate, the dark stuff can be good but it gives me a heart palpitations if I eat too much. I used to drink black cocoa with no milk or sugar a lot (you dark choc people should try this, it is awesome). Unsweetened cocoa powder and hot water. But that also gave me heart palpitations. I like Lindt chillie chocolate quite a bit but that's because of the chillie
I have odd allergies. I am allergic to green peppers, pepper SEEDS and sausage [not just pork sausage... turkey, beef, etc. too. We still haven't discovered which ingredients cause it.]. Green peppers cause heart palpitations, as well as, regular allergic reactions. I only found out a year before Dad died that he had the same allergy.
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