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Re: LucasArts done for

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Fond memories of playing Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade, which my uncle gave to my family. Also, a sample version of The Secret of Monkey Island.

And, of course, TIE Fighter - running it on a system that is far too slow and not powerful enough to properly run it. But cool enough to show me my first look at Coruscant.

So many good times with LucasArts games. I'd love to see someone license this and remaster them. I never did get a chance to play Fate of Atlantis or X-Wing.
TIE Fighter is a classic, terrific game. I really wish that title would end up on Steam, I'd buy that (again..for the 5th time..) in a heartbeat. X-Wing is a good game, but incredibly difficult, X-Wing Alliance is a good game too, I always liked the custom skirmish editor in Alliance. I played X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter for awhile, but it came out shortly before Jedi Knight, once Jedi Knight got released that game had my full attention multiplayer wise.
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