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Re: Eccleston turned down chance to be in 50th Anniversary story

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Eccleston was a celebrity and successful film/TV actor well before Doctor Who. See Shallow Grave, 28 Days Later, Second Coming. Probably the most famous a Doctor Who actor has been before taking the role.

I've always respected Eccleston for not playing the fame game. He isn't a media whore like John Barrowman and does have principles.
Yeah - Photoman has it back to front, Eccleston was cast *because* he was a well established well respected actor and they wanted to show how seriously they were taking the revamp:

In the UK. If not for DW, the US would not know who he was (except as bit parts in movies, possibly). Probably for the rest of the world too.
You keep saying that, but I don't think Eccelston CARES about that sort of notoriety. He likes to work, not the fame. If he cared about being known around the world, he would obviously make very different choices.

He's a talented actor, he continues to work, he considered returning, he chose not to. It's not the end of the world. He's not asshole for not coming back.
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