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Sternbach blueprints question


I am interested in finding a little more info on the Sternbach blueprints for Enterprise D. As a hobby project, I'm playing around with building Enterpise D using blender. After reviewing both the Sternbach and Whitefire blueprints, I've opted to do a build on the Whitefire set as it's less complicated and seems a great way to prep for building the more complex Sternbach layout. Thus far, the Whitefire set has been a pleasure to use. Took very little correction in Gimp to get the ortho's to line up *perfectly*.

Anyway, after reviewing the Sternbach blueprints, I deduced the paper copies were printed at 75 scale, but I believe they were originally drawn at 50 scale on mylar. I don't suppose any other version of the Sternbach prints were ever sold (preferably something in the more common 50 scale?)

Also, I noticed that Rick Sternbach was involved in a project that was scrubbed in late 2011 to produce a cut-away type of model of Enterprise D. In producing the model, he indicated he took the time to reconcile the problems with the original blueprints he drew up. I'm going to guess the project has not been resurrected and whatever blueprints or drawings that may have been produced are unavailable. If not, I'd like to know. Otherwise, is there any comprehensive collection of "erratta" for the Sternbach blueprints? Like text descriptions of what's missing / incorrect?
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