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Re: Scooby Doo Mystery Inc. - New episodes 3/25

Interesting ending, and the series really did have an ending with a good amount of closure, the series not only wrapped up the current storylines but even positioned it to be a prequel to existing continuities. It's too bad they themselves couldn't really enjoy the brighter world they brought forth as they didn't experience those lives to that point. Kind of makes sense why they'd pull up their roots and do what they do and their sense of camaraderie.

Loved the Sheriff's kids: Eastwood, Norris, Billy Jack and Lynda Carter. I also liked the shot of the kids in their classic series postures and gaits.

Scooby looked surprisingly cool in his Kriegstaffebot disguise. I've mentioned that he often seemed to get the short shrift in this series so I'm glad he got to play a larger role in these final episodes.

Is it me or were they getting a bit cheeky with the girls? Seemed there were a lot of leering angles there at times. At least I didn't remember as many previously.
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