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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

The Perez.

I did some goggling after that post I made, and found that other midpoint missing link costume you're referring to and it's clear that "she" put as much thought into that suit as Spider-Man did with his first costume back when he was still wrestling.

You're all aware that the nerd girl Dunphy daughter from Modern Family played Carrie in the movies that came out in the last couple months? (And maybe I missed a page in this thread where this is all covered?)

Dark Knight Returns was cut in half and released as two direct to video movies which were loyal and explicit. My 10 year old Nephew said "This is the most brutal thing I have ever seen". I blame his parents for giving him such a sheltered life, but still that was almost three hours of animated pure Miller misogyny and sadism.

It's called synergy.

Movies sell the comics and comics sell the movies.

If Dark Knight returns sells well.

There's a sequel they can pull out that's still got a lot of Carrie in it.



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