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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

Finished Titan: Taking Wing today. Really enjoyable. Very much scratches the TNG itch that some of the post movie books never seemed to recapture. I like the make up of the crew, quite interesting. Though I find it odd that on the crew that is 15% Human has a CO, XO and Diplomatic Officer who are all human. (Okay, so 2.5 human!) I never really grew attached to Vale so I don't really feel the need for her presence in the book. At least in the first novel, she didn't add too much, feeling like a way to diffuse dialogue that would normally have been between Riker and Troi into another person. I am super glad to have Tuvok around and I like his interactions with the main cast. I can't wait to see more and I've already started in on Titan: The Red King

There were some weird issues with the actual editing/organization of the book, though. Things like Tuvok's identity being hidden in the first chapter, then never actually being revealed. The next time he pops up, his identity is just out there. The chapter after it contains a scene that plays out like a reveal, which made me double check my page sequences.

As well, the larger cast of the book disappears after about page 160 and we're laser focused on the "main cast." As such, some of the events that happen to the "B-Characters" feel hollow because I've forgotten about them by the time they pop back up. I'm not sure what would have fixed this - outside of maybe one more "Below Decks" chapter in the last 150 pages. Still, the book was very enjoyable.

I am already two chapters into Red King. Not terribly excited for the Sundered sequel-ness, as I never cared for the Neyel.
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