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Re: The ENT and Melakon

BillJ wrote:
Re: Terra Nova
How much ammunition did the original colonists take with them? Must have been a shitload considering they still had some left ninety-years later.
Malcolm seemed to recognize one of the weapons as an early EM type, which also raises the question of what type of power source it used to not run out of juice. Or maybe he was just bullshitting to make conversation.

R. Star wrote:
It's actually amazing when you think about it how many alien cultures kiss to show affection. I'd like to see an alien race that sticks their tongues up the other person's nostrils or something to show affection.
Archer did take a risk there, and more than a possible slap in the face. The kiss could have been the equivalent of an upraised finger, for all he knew.

Years ago I did a pseudo-Trek parody render, with a Kirk-type guy holding a gun and giving someone offscreen the finger. Various things were identified, like 1950s hairstyle, antimatter weapon. The finger was identified as the Universal Translator.
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