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Re: Star Fleet and Genocide

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Starfleet will do extreme, almost immoral things when its survival is threatened. In The Pale Moonlight is a perfect example.
Starfleet didn't sanction killing the senator, just forging the record. That other bit was all Garak; I doubt Sisko told Starfleet about that part, considering the end of the episode.
With or without a log of admittance from Sisko, I'm sure Starfleet had no trouble piecing together what happened to Vreenak.
Yeah, and Garak's sly enough to have a full confession on a datapad hidden somewhere to be mailed to the Romulan embassy on the event of his disappearance too. Starfleet can't touch him without airing their involvement in it, though Sisko can legitly claim he didn't know Vreenak was going to be murdered.
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