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Re: Mass Effect 3

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I have actually picked the other options--synthesis for my full paragon sentinel & control for my *barely* paragade infiltrator
I went all funny when I played ME3 and dumped my renegade attitude from the first two games. Choosing to go full paragon made the synthesis route seem more appropriate.

I downloaded the extended ending DLC (and that was extended? Did PC players just get dumped to a DOS prompt after making their choice?) and went for the none of the above at first. I didn't realise there was a post credits scene giving that a thumbs up either.
As someone who plays full paragon, it baffles me how that abomination and a paragon playstyle could have anything in common. And EC has some new stuff, but frankly none of it is worth the HDD space it takes up. You get more inane circular logic from starbrat, a hilariously stupid scene with the Normandy during the beam run (which also replaces your sudden getting blasted with a drawn-out cutscene, ruining one of the few good moments in London), and some slides.
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