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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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I'm wondering about something...a couple of somethings, actually.

Merle killed 8 guys in his ambush. Well, he took them down and let the walkers get them. At least two were shot in the legs, to take them down without killing them outright.

1) Except the Governor. Was Merle trying for a headshot and Ben stepped in the way, or trying to wound and Ben was shorter and so was shot in the head?
He was clearly aiming for the Gov when idiot boy stepped in front of him and took the bullet instead. It also gave away Merle's position, as Gov looked for where the shot came from and went after him.
I got that Merle was aiming for the Governor when Ben stepped in the way. I was wondering whether Merle was aiming to kill or wound, like the others he shot.

I think wound, because he wasn't going for a head shot. Ben was shorter--a wound shot in the shoulder/chest of the Governor ended up being a head shot on Ben. Lucky Ben, in a way.
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