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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

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Well, atleast she doesn't look like Chriss Angel anymore
Is Chris Angel fond of bustiers?

Now, if DC just just do a mini-reboot and erase the fact that she was a literal magical stripper, not a stage magician in the New 52
Most of Zatanna's costumes wouldn't be out of place on stage at a strip club. The original would be a big hit.

Refresh my memory on her being a stripper.
Her original costume was atleast something a stage magician would wear. Her new costume style was totally what you'd think of with a magician like Chriss angel, although they are obviously women's clothes.

As for the stripper, I forget the exact issue but in JLD there is a flashback with Constantine where he is in a club and he sees her arrive on stage. We didn't see a lot, but she was definately a dancer, she was wearing an ok amount of clothes (but not normal clothes, even for her in the New 52), but this was not an upstanding club, so its not like she was a classy dancer or anything. She was definately not doing magic, she was dancing. Unless this seedy club (which I'm 90% sure was magic, since I think she appeared magically and Constantine and her were with their magic mentor there) was just having women dance classily around in full clothes, then she was almost certainly a stripper (and it was implied just by what the location and her appearance looked like). The dialog might have also implied it, but I can't remember what exactly was said.
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