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Re: VOY The Second Time Around

Season 1, Episode 5

"Any sign of Neelix's lungs?" Now there's a sentence you don't hear everyday. That's right, folks, we're on a mission to find Neelix's missing lungs. As the episode begins, Janeway is having a discussion with her "Number One" when she says to him, "Are you sure you won't join me for breakfast [in my private dining room]?" Come on, Chakotay, ask yourself WWTD (What Would Tom Do), then SAY YES!

Ah well. I guess it doesn't really matter because Neelix, now a chef, has apparently turned Janeway's GIGANTIC private dining room into a galley.

This is a much better place for his character than to have him constantly popping up on the bridge as if he was--

--oh. Hehe...nevermind. So what -- Neelix is allowed to go on away missions now because he read "Tricorders for Dummies?"

I guess I shouldn't say that since Neelix can easily define a Type 4 Quantum Singularity at the drop of a hat as we learned a couple of episodes ago. He's a brilliant buzzard. So anyway, he goes down with the away team to find some dilithium.

(oops...boom mic in the shot).

And then he's zapped by an unknown alien. When he's returned to the Voyager, we learn that these aliens have somehow removed his lungs in a split second. So Voyager goes off to hunt down the aliens. Meanwhile, the doctor cooks up this plan to put some holographic lungs in Neelix and at least keep him alive until they get his actual lungs back. By the way, we get some more great moments from the doctor in this episode. In an obvious nod to Bones, we get this quote from the EMH: "I'm a doctor, Mr. Neelix, not a decorator." Loved it! And then in a surprise moment, he slaps Tom, which is now easily my favorite moment of season 1 so far!

Oh, and while we're talking about the doctor...what is the purpose of the water bubble wall? I always thought it looked cool, but in this shot the doctor is using it as some sort of monitor...although I can't think what he could possibly be looking at. Anybody have the answer to that one?

And it looks like Neelix is showing some signs of jealousy. A lot of clean cut guys are on this ship that look a lot more like Kes than Neelix does. I can understand his concern and I can relate. "I'll be on the bridge if you need me -- If you need me." Those were good scenes for Neelix, Kes, the doctor and Tom.

So Voyager follows the alien ship into a manmade asteroid which has a cave that's basically a giant funhouse. They end up finding the ship and capturing the hideous aliens who suggest a lung transplant for Neelix. After scanning the doctor, one of the aliens says, "According to this, you're not here," to which the doctor quips, "Believe me, I wish I wasn't." Ha! So they end up transplanting one of Kes' lungs into Neelix. There you go, Neelix. She loves you. A nice way to cap off this episode.

I make fun of it here, but believe it or not I quite enjoyed this episode! There were some great one-liners. And the interaction between the characters was pretty good. I like that they're putting Neelix in the galley and Kes as an assistant for the doctor. It gives them a place on the ship that actually makes sense instead of having them awkwardly and randomly showing up in a staff meeting. Kes' pep talk to the doc was good. And the doctor showed some ingenuity by coming up with the idea for holographic lungs. Pretty good for a hologram! They could have made the organ harvesting more dramatic, but since these Vidians ended up having a bit of a conscience (or so it appears) I guess the writers didn't want to go over-the-top with it.

So, I'll give this episode three thumbs up and two Phaged-up Vidians (believe it or not, they're smiling, too).

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