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Re: The 10th doctor and plans for series 5

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Now i'm interested in how "End of Time" would have worked out

Crashes through the sky light and then?

How would the TARDIS have been damaged?
RTD wasn't anywhere close to writing "The End of Time" when Tennant turned down Moffat's offer for series 5. They were filming the River Song two-parter at the time, so while RTD knew there was going to be a year of specials, he had no idea what those specials were going to be.

If Tennant had wibbled and decided to stay on for series 5, if there was an "End of Time," it would have been vastly different -- and RTD would likely have written his final special as a lead-in to whatever Moffat had in mind.
Well, he wouldn't have needed to do any lead in on the basis of what's been posted here: the last of the 2009 specials could have ended with the Doctor heading off as normal: then 11th Hour opens with the dying Doctor crashing in Amelia's garden, without any explanation at the time, but we later learn that's the Doctor from season's end. Then the Doctor, just post-2009 specials, turns up as normal and meets Amy with no knowledge of young Amelia's meeting with his later self.

No need for any set up from RTD.

Some minor tweaking from "Planet of the Dead" and we're good

-Take out the psychic black woman giving the doctor a warning

"Planet of the Dead" basically ends the same way with Christina off in the bus and the Doctor going back inside the TARDIS

The Christmas special would be "The Eleventh Hour" since Amelia is praying for Christmas presents and Santa
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