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Re: Best Audio Book?

So, I just purchased, and am downloading the next 6 Evelyn Smythe Stories Project: Twilight through Project: Lazarus (Except, I had to buy the physical disk of Real Time). I'll be listening to Mordant's Need for a couple months probably, so, might stock up on even more of them before I get a chance to listen (It'll be like getting a Box Set)

So, anyways, the Project: Twilight and Lazarus (And I noticed there is a Companion Chronicles and a Sylvester McCoy "Project:" as well.) Are they all connected in some way?

ETA: Ah, I flick through chapters after burning each disk, to ensure each chapter actually starts, and I noticed Sylvester McCoy's voice in at least of one of the Project: stories, so I assume he's the tying factor?
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