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I really like Quark! I meant no hate against him at all. I was just curious what the Federation officers use for currency.
Been a while since i watched this so correct me if im wrong but in the TNG pilot Encounter at Farpoint its mentioned that starfleet personel can get credit to allow them to purchase stuff at alien markets. Presumably this means that starfleet keeps some currency around for dealing with alien races and when starfleet personel are on shoreleave or stationed in places like DS9 they can apply for credit and thus have currency to spend. Or they could amass currency another way by doing little jobs in their free time. This whole federation citizens dont need currency thing is actually brought up in a much later episode but i wont go into details since its your first time watching and i wouldnt want to spoil anything.

Btw if its your first time watching are you going to create a thread to post your thoughts about the episode and plot/character developments and discuss ti with others cause those are fun
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