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Spock is impressed that the Romulans have solved the power cost issue. Flashback a century and the Romulans had small invisible mines (with small power sources, yet they worked) and large invisible starships.
You're doing it again. You're just restating an inconsistency we all know about already and don't need to be lectured on, instead of applying some imagination to solving the problem, which isn't at all hard to do if you just try it. As several of us have already pointed out, there can be multiple different ways of achieving the appearance of invisibility. What they had in the 22nd century could've been a holographic camouflage rather than "true" light-bending invisibility.

Kirk "can't understand" how a Romulan ship is invisible when the idea of invisible ships, including Romulan invisble ships, is old hat by the 2260's? No way does that fit without extensive loud coughing and fudging, unless they just don't teach history at Starfleet Academy.
You just can't solve it because you don't believe you can. I find it quite easy to resolve. NX-01 was able to penetrate the type of cloaking technology the Suliban and "Minefield" Romulans used, thanks to information from Daniels. It's easy enough to assume those sensor protocols were eventually made standard on Starfleet vessels, so that NCC-1701's sensors would've penetrated that kind of cloak so effortlessly and automatically that it wouldn't be worth mentioning. So to all intents and purposes, it wouldn't be "invisibility" anymore, not as far as a Starfleet ship of the line was concerned. So what Kirk wouldn't understand was how the Romulan ship could be invisible to Starfleet sensors, which should be able to automatically penetrate all known forms of stealth technology.

Yes, it's a fudge. But it's a very, very easy fudge if you just think it through.
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