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Re: Roger Ebert is dead...

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Yes, if that political viewpoint flows organically from the review. But this was not the case with this review. He spoke about the movie, and, whatever you may think about "universal health care in America" the controversy was alive at that time, and his little Democratic leaning jab at the end had nothing to do with the film itself. and I can cite a few of his other reviews that did the same.
The sentence in question: "It also sidesteps the point that the U.S. health-care system makes the cure unavailable to many dying children; they are being saved in nations with universal health coverage."

It is completely appropriate to discuss larger societal issues raised by a film's subject matter. He was saying he wished that a film on that topic had addressed that larger question rather than avoiding it. The reader's opinion on the issue is irrelevant; the point is, in Ebert's opinion, the issue deserves attention. It wasn't a jab, it was a critic doing his job.
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