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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

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Zee's new costume...still no top hat though.
Well, atleast she doesn't look like Chriss Angel anymore. Now, if DC just just do a mini-reboot and erase the fact that she was a literal magical stripper, not a stage magician in the New 52 (no matter how much Johns taunts Zatanna fans in the Justice League comic) then she may have the potential to be a good character in the New 52. But, I heard she'll be joining the Justice League, and while that could potentially be good (because Johns may continue ignoring her new 52 history, presumably because he can't be bothered to read or talk to the JL Dark writer) its more likely a mistake that will be corrected.

So, you have a slightly better costume, but now she's being written by a guy who cannot write anything that doesn't have Green Lantern in the title anymore, not even characters he created (like stargirl). So, she's pretty much screwed still, but maybe a bit less screwed then she was before. But, then again, Johns is the one destroying my favorite superhero (Captain Marvel), so if he can ruin him, he can screw up Zatanna worse than the JLD writers. I can just hope he treats her like Cyborg and only uses her every 10 issues for some random task Batman has.

On a more positive note,
I just tried out three DC books that recently got new creative teams. I just read the first issue of the rebooted Stormwatch (I only read the first three or so issues before, it wasn't very good) and liked it. After hearing that #19 has the new writer just iterally wiping the last 18 issues out of existence, I decided to give it a chance. It definately has potential, plus it looks like Lobo is getting fixed after what Liefeld did to him, which makes the stormwatch reboot worth it even if it doesn't turn out well. They certainly couldn't screw Lobo up worse than Liefeld did. I also just read the first three issues of Lemire's semi-Green arrow reboot (he didn't delete anything like the SW guy did, he just pretty much destroyed the status quo and changed the direction of the series) and its interesting so far, although the art isn't great. Still, the story is interesting. I also read Action Comics #19. Now that morrison is gone, I wanted to check it out. The cover was a complete lie, and not a very clever one. Still, it was decent, and Lex Luthor seems like he may be written halfway decent, by New 52 standards, anyway. I wasn't planning to read any more DC books besides the ones I've kept reading from the beginning, but these ones seem worth checking out for awhile. They could go either way, but its nice to see a few books that atleast might have potential now besides the few I was still reading.

But, I just heard scott Lobdell is on Action Comics by issue #22. He's easily DC's worst writer, so of course he'll soon be writing both Action Comics and Superman. He already destroyed teen titans and the cast of Red hood, so I guess they decided to reward him with the Superman books. At this point, I'd rather have Liefeld come back and write Superman. Atleast then there might be some horrible art to laugh at. still, I'll read Diggle's issues, just to see what happens.
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