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Re: 50th Anniversary Story Official Thread

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So how do you know if the show's good or not?!
It's like Babylon 5. I'm a fan of sci-fi, studiously watched TNG and DS9 in my youth, endured the entire run of Enterprise out of some sort of misplaced sado-masochism (This season will be better, I'm sure of it!) and absolutely adored RDM's definitive take on BSG. But I can't get behind Babylon 5. Every time I sit down and say: "everyone says it's good. I just have to slog through the first season, and it'll get better."

And every time, I stop watching a few episodes in.

It's much the same for old Who. I remember watching Pertwee and both Baker's as a child on PBS with some enthusiasm, but I never get more than a few minutes into a given serial before I have the unrelenting urge to harm myself. It's stiff, uninteresting and abysmally produced. I understand that there is a certain cult following, much as there is a certain segment of fandom that enjoys enduring Babylon 5, but I don't understand why.

As I grow older, it seems, I am far less willing to suffer through something simply because it's 'sci-fi.' It has to engage with me with more than just nostalgia. NuWho is kinetic, fun and occasionally touching. It brings me back to Saturday morning cartoons without pandering directly to the intended audience of 10-year-old boys. It's a joy and a treat.

Old Who is just a slog and life's just too short.
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