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Re: What the Internet looked like in 1995

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Okay, kiddies, I bought my first computer, a Tandy 2000, in 1983. I remember using Word 4.2, Lotus 1-2-3, and some dial-up bbs.
My parents bought me one for my fourth birthday, which would have been 85. Really, I think my dad just wanted one for himself.

It was used and didn't last very long. So we got and one of the IBM 8086s not long after. I was pretty well-versed in DOS by the time I was eight.
Yes, I'm sure your dad mostly wanted it for himself -- it was marketed pretty much as a business computer and, at least new, was expensive. I still remember going into Radio Shack to ask some question, and the sales guy insisting that I must have a Tandy 1000. Seriously, he argued with me that of course I didn't have a 2000. <still shaking my head in amazement>
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