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Re: disney, and the star wars eu

Yeah well.. you lie down with a giant and he's bound to roll over you.

While some of the EU material is really good most of it is just bland pulp fiction for fans of the brand.. stuff you read in passing while on the train or something like that.

I've had my share of EU books but after the huge New Jedi Order series i was pumped out and quit.. it was always the same, i.e. the big Three encounter some huge problem and manage to solve it.

Now they've obviously branched out a bit.. i loved the X-Wing series for example but in the end the EU was about the Solos and the Skywalkers and i'm ready to move on.

I can only assume there are true long term plans because i doubt Disney will cash over 4 billion if they didn't know exactly how to get everything back and make a tidy profit on top of it. They are in the process of it.. closing down unprofitable Lucasarts is just one step and i believe Disney couldn't care less about EU continuity.

If it's profitable enough they'll either restart the whole EU or just disregard the glitches bound to occur between the new movies and established EU material.

I really hope they give the old guard a good sendoff in the new movies and then cut ties for good and let the new guys take over to build a new universe. Considering the talent they're hiring Disney seems to be serious about it which get's me a bit hopeful that all age groups will be satisfied with the movies and maybe the new EU bound to spring off it.
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