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Re: Favourite Doctor?

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If I recall correctly the great Lawrence Miles doesn't like the Seventh Doctor either which is a shame as I loved Christmas on a Rational Planet.
If it's the interview I'm thinking of, I think he said the Seventh Doctor works better as literary character than on TV. I disagree as I love both, but he's said the VNAs are his favorite era of Who.

The only VNA authors I'm aware of that bum the Seventh Doctor as much as us two are Kate Orman and Paul Cornell.
Yeah, both clearly adore the Seventh, which is why a story like Human Nature (the novel) works so well. It's constructed around him so that every scene works to the best possible advantage for this Doctor, which is why it's so funny that they later adapted it for another Doctor. The TV Human Nature is, for New Who standards, pretty well-made and is one of the very few that could be said to have anything close to a slow(ish) pace like the classic series, but it doesn't have nearly as much impact as the book as we've already seen Tennant's Doctor flirt and snog and do very human activities.
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