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Re: disney, and the star wars eu

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I'm not trying to upset the dedicated EU fans out there, but I am actually rather excited by this. I am old enough to have purchased Splinter when it was first published and devoured the Zahn novels and what came after until about midway through the Vong arc I realised that I just wasn't interested any more. There had been too many so-so novels, too many characters I didn't take to, too many political reversals and I just lost interest. I stopped reading and shortly after, abandoned Star Wars altogether. I've seen around half of the Clone Wars show.
Why would anyone get upset? Nobody is going to be made to throw their books, games, toys, or anything in the fire. You still read it and enjoyed it.

Personally I think the EU is getting a little too 'out there' anyway - at least he post-RoTJ stuff. I gave up after Fate of the Jedi book one.
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