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Re: The Pope

I have been very critical of Popes and the Catholic Church hierarchy for protecting pedophile priests. Today, I bring good news:
VATICAN CITY, April 5 (Reuters) - Pope Francis wants the Catholic Church to "act decisively" to root out sexual abuse of children by priests and ensure that the perpetrators undergo due process, the Vatican said on Friday.

Officials said that Francis, in a meeting with Holy See doctrinal chief Archbishop Gerhard Muller, had declared that combating sexual abuse was important "for the Church and its credibility".

Francis inherited a Church mired in problems and a major scandal over priestly abuse of children.
I wanted to like this pope, but this issue prevented me from it. I pray Francis follows through to "ensure that the perpetrators undergo due process".

I admit that, so far, Francis has exemplified the teachings of Jesus in his public ministry.
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