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Re: Roger Ebert is dead...

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Yeah, there's just no way a credible review of anything without imparting your own bias, opinions or politics into it.
Yes, if that political viewpoint flows organically from the review. But this was not the case with this review. He spoke about the movie, and, whatever you may think about "universal health care in America" the controversy was alive at that time, and his little Democratic leaning jab at the end had nothing to do with the film itself.
Oh, so Extraordinary Measures is not about pharmaceutical companies developing a cure for Pompe Disease thanks to the fundraising efforts of a family with two children suffering from it? It's not about getting FDA approval and eventually disseminating the Pompe Disease drug around the world to cure the children suffering from it?

How is mentioning that universal health care as it exists in other countries would make it more affordable for families with children suffering from the disease an irrelevant issue to raise at the end of a review about a movie about health care? Seems like the comment had plenty to do with the larger subject matter of the film itself, even if it might not relate to that family's specific needs.
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