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Voyager Fanfics, Creations, and Favorite Videos

Are you a creative nutter? do you dabble with photoshop? make music videos? or are you a fanfic writer? Well I now have the place for you

Seriously post your Voyager creative pieces in this here thread or update us on your website. Maybe you have started a Voyager related post in Trek art or websites and you want to make us all aware, who fear to exit these sacred forum walls

Well don't just sit there post your creations or link to the Voyager thread you started here. Remember we want to be in the know when it comes to anything Voyager related. So from now on we would like all Voyager related fan work, from photomanips, wallpapers, music videos, fanfic, website work posted here or with a link to another thread you have started on the board.

Any threads in the forum which we feel will be better served in this thread we will ask you to post a link here and one of us will close the other thread.

Cheers any complaints or other issues please file to myself or the woman who now has Janeway back in her avatar **thank goodness** Adm_Hawthorne
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