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Re: Did The Chase destroy Diane Duanes creativity?

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"The Chase" is as scientifically stupid as "Genesis" or "Threshold." Evolution doesn't have a predetermined end point like the episode suggests.
But that's just what the episode doesn't suggest. On the contrary -- the whole point of "The Chase" is that natural evolution would not have produced humanoid forms on so many different worlds as some kind of inevitable endpoint -- that such forms only came about because a hyper-advanced DNA-based nanotechnology (essentially) had been seeded on those worlds and had been directing the evolutionary process from the inside, artificially guiding it toward a preprogrammed goal that couldn't possibly have come about naturally. The episode acknowledges that humanoid aliens don't make evolutionary sense, and justifies them by establishing humanoid life in the Trek galaxy as an artifact, a result of technological intervention.
Didn't a Manraloth character of yours suggest in The Buried Age that there was an above-average proportion of humanoids in the current era, perhaps owing to the galactic holocaust they triggered leaving preprogrammed biospheres at an advantage over others?
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