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Re: Going Veggie

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I went for my checkup today. While my weight (217 lbs) and my blood pressure (130/74) were good, my blood glucose A1C was 9.7, which means my average glucose reading is 230-250. My doctor was very concerned (as was I!), and so we're trying a new medication alongside the metformin, and he's going to give it 3 to 6 months to see if it starts lowering my A1C. If not, then I may have to begin taking insulin.
Just keep working at it, J, because every step you make in the right direction helps a little bit. It's also important to remember, though, that diabetes is a really complicated illness, that is not all down to diet and exercise the way some people like to claim. You may be the best possible diabetic in terms of taking care of yourself, and still have shit numbers, for any number of reasons.

And don't worry about the insulin, it's pretty easy. You can always pm me if you need to!
Thanks tsq.

Actually, I feel bad more for my doctor than for myself. He was so happy with my numbers, and then we did the A1C test and he came back in the room five minutes later looking positively crestfallen. He said that they were much higher than he had expected. Poor guy, and I'm the one with the high A1C!
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