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Re: "Plato's Stepchildren:" Kirk-Uhura Rape Scene?

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In most jurisdictions, it wouldn't be considered rape because there was no penetration. I think calling it rape would go a bit far given the context of the scene, but it's a valid argument to make.
To begin with I would like to thank folks for their considered responses. I may have agreed or not but they all gave me points to ponder (and that's the joy of forums such as these).

I can agree on the surface issue of "rape" being a bit harsh in classifying "the kiss," however, maintain it is unsuitable to be viewed or lauded as being in any way "progressive" or "positive imagery."

Again, I was motivated to pose this topic to the forum because the Kirk/Uruha kiss was ranked as number two (of 100) top moments in Trek history. Of coure, at the very least, it still shows 99 other instances of note.

I will be honest in that one or two responses struck me as being the byproduct of denial, and one I would say was outright specious (considering it was made on a message board dedicated to a work of fiction). All that aside though, a lot of great input and it was much appreciated.
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