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Re: best star trek books and novels

Well, there have been more than 500 Star Trek novels published over the years, and everyone's got their favorites. Here's some books that I'd recommend, in more or less chronological publication order:

Spock Must Die!
Star Trek Log Eight
Star Trek Log Ten
Star Trek: The New Voyages
Trek to Madworld
The Galactic Whirlpool
The novelizations of The Wrath of Khan/The Search for Spock/The Voyage Home
Web of the Romulans
Yesterday's Son
The Wounded Sky
The Final Reflection
My Enemy, My Ally
The Tears of the Singers
Crisis on Centaurus
Chain of Attack
How Much for Just the Planet?
Spock's World
The Lost Years
Doctor's Orders
Fallen Heroes
First Frontier
The Captain's Daughter
Dragon's Honor
The Lives of Dax
Avatar: Books One and Two
Section 31: Abyss
Immortal Coil
Ex Machina
Orion's Hounds
Troublesome Minds
Full Circle
The Sorrows of Empire
Children of the Storm
The Cold Equations trilogy

It should probably be noted that many of the earlier books on this list (and in Trek literature in general) have been contradicted by later TV shows/movies and also by subsequent novels. Still, a good story is a good story and as long as you bear this in mind, there's a wealth of good Trek stories out there.

If you're primarily interested in the ongoing 24th century books that are set after the various TV series, there is an excellent flow chart here:

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