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Re: Has star trek changed

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Personally, I though the problem with Superman Returns was that it was one of those "director's passion projects" movies. Bryan Singer is a huge Superman fan and always wanted to do a Superman fan, and what we end up with is two and a half hours of fanboy gushing. We had the same problem with Peter Jackson's King Kong. These are fine examples of why it's a bad ide having a fan calling the shots, eve if said fan is a professional filmmaker.
Although I think a fan who is a filmmaker can overcome such issues, this is a reasonably fair point.

Although, while Abrams might in principle be the best choice direct Trek, I still don't think he specifically is the right choice, based on my own opinions of him as a filmmaker. And really, starting every interview off with "I'm more a Star Wars fan than a Star Trek" borders on being quite an asshole.
First of all, he doesn't do that at every interview. He's probably not done it very much at all. However, many of these "interviews" are from press junkets--a lot like post-game scrum "interviews" with players in pro sports--and multiple media outlets carry the same quotation. This makes it seem far more frequent than it actually is.

Second, since your concern is about fanboys making films, doesn't the logic of your argument suggest Abrams is a strong choice to direct Trek (leading zeroes notwithstanding )?
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