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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

The Ragged Edge - Londo and g'Kar's banter is always good. G'kar's reaction to his book getting stolen was great. Gqaribaldi's trip to the Drazi homeworld was interesting. His drinking is also causing problems, and I'm sure it will cause more before the season is done. I'm glad that Sheridan and company aren't blaiming Londo for the Centauri attacks. The reason for not telling him anything makes sense. G'kar trying to argue with his followers about his book was funny, especially when he slammed the narn's head in the book. So, Franklin will leave B5 at the end of the year? Well, the way the season seem to work, that will be at the end of the season, so its not a big deal. Overall, this was a good episode, with some great G'Kar and Londo moments.
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