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Re: 50th Anniversary Story Official Thread

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The previous incarnation of Who has very little to do with this one.
Do you even watch the same show as us? This is the series where we've just had two Great Intelligence stories in a row, with upcoming Ice Warriors, Cybermen and Zygon stories.

Doctor Who did not start with David Tennant. I can't believe the disrespect shown to it from posters in this thread. "Collin"?, "Hartnel"? "Troughtan", "Davidson"? This better be a wind-up.
Well, to be fair, the current incarnation of Doctor Who started with Eccelston, not Tennant. I'm quite sad that we'll never see more of Nine. As for the name drops of old villains, it couldn't matter in the least. I've never seen the stories that these big-bads originated from and I'm still able to enjoy the current series as presented.

That's a good thing, because the old Doctor Who wasn't particularly good. Additionally, the fans of that show are such a vanishingly small group of people that they can be safely ignored, for the most part.

Doctor Who is a children's show. It makes very little sense to craft an anniversary special that ignores the primary target audience and the vast majority of the viewers.
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