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Re: disney, and the star wars eu

I'm not trying to upset the dedicated EU fans out there, but I am actually rather excited by this. I am old enough to have purchased Splinter when it was first published and devoured the Zahn novels and what came after until about midway through the Vong arc I realised that I just wasn't interested any more. There had been too many so-so novels, too many characters I didn't take to, too many political reversals and I just lost interest. I stopped reading and shortly after, abandoned Star Wars altogether. I've seen around half of the Clone Wars show.

I am actually interested in SW again by this restart. I may even pick up the (inevitable) novels in the new continuity. I am happy they've ditched the dross and may make a better job of it this time around. As for the good stuff that's also ditched, I can live with it.

I'd like to see a tighter reign on it this time, less books (unlikely I know) with better authors, better quality control, less contradictory stories and less filler.

As a nod to the old stuff, a final novel with some sort of time JJverse time-travelling (time walking ?) reset would seem the best option to me. I am sure some characters and events will make it into the new EU anyway. I hear Mara Jade and Chewie are dead at the moment.

For me, it's Welcome Back Star Wars. And welcome back Chewie, welcome back...
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