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Re: Favourite Doctor?

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I do think the 50th will rehabilitate the Tenth Doctor in fandom after the specials year severely diminished his popularity.

Www..ww, what?

The specials (save for Planet of he Dead) were awesome! David Morrissey with David Tennant against the Cybermen was a great episode, plus it was an interesting story with a great cast.

The Waters of Mars was a good old fashioned base under siege story reminiscent of the Troughton and T Baker era. Plus the "hybrid" of the Ice Warriors, the Flood were cool.

The End of Time was amazing and is actually my second favourite doctor who story of all time! (just behind Logopilis) The Master going mad was an excellent idea, I love the blue skeletal thing going on with him, his "lightning bolts" were an awesome idea to make him a more physical villain, Wilf was a great companion in it, David Tennant's acting in it was as ever fantastic, Timothy Dalton was great as the head Timelord or something, and the regeneration scene was amazing, best regeneration ever!
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