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An amazing tribute! I love how your mom (and you) have remained grounded through it all. I am sorry to hear about your brother ... I simply cannot fathom having to endure something like that.
It was a long time ago -- he died at 16 and would have been 33 now. Missing the chance to grow up is the hardest thing, but I'm just happy that he had 16 good years. I've posted some pictures of him before, he was a cutie:

We looked almost exactly alike when we were little:

But as we got older, I stopped wearing dresses, and he started :

No matter what, he was always stylin':

But to turn technical for a moment, I think those two B&W photos (of your mom and your brother) are brilliant. And that you took them at such an early age is fantastic!
Thanks -- must be the artist in me.

Tom Hendricks wrote: View Post
Wonderful pictures TSQ, thank you for sharing. You may want to encourage your mother to write her memoir, even if its only for herself. I have found that writing down significant portions of your life can bring a real peace. I'm not a real sharer of intimate information, even with family or friends. However being able to expelle your feelings onto a blank page, even a terrible writer like myself is super cathartic.
I think she wrote journals in her 20s and 30s. She's done with reflection now, though, I think. She's said she knows she will never get over everything that happened to her but she's accepting that and moving on. I think it's a really smart choice. Evaluating one's childhood traumas and working through issues is valuable, but at some point you just have to let the past be what it will and get on with living.
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I like the new pics you posted, tsq. Your mom's very pretty, and when she was your age she looked quite a lot like actress JoBeth Williams.
She bleached her hair once, in her early thirties, and looked exactly like a very tanned Kyra Sedgewick. So much, in fact, that she got such frequent autograph requests she just gave up and started signing Kyra Sedgewick's name.

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