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Re: Eccleston turned down chance to be in 50th Anniversary story

ASSUMING this is all true (which it still may not be, but ASSUMING) then this leaves me with some disturbing ideas...

It seems like the 50th is INTENTIONALLY limiting itself to Doctors 9 and 10, with absolutely no reports as of yet of any previous doctors, many of whom the actors that portrayed them are still alive and kicking (and in several cases not THAT affected by age).

Seeing as we've had table read pics intentionally leaked, and filming has begun, it appears that the only previous Doctor to appear will be the 10th, and that aside from a supposed interest in the 9th, that this is by choice.

Why? Why would they just celebrate 50 years of Doctor who by revisiting the most recent Doctor and leave it at that? This bothers me greatly. You only turn 50 once.

I suppose this report could be untrue, and other Doctor could be kept under wraps...but I doubt they are very good at keeping things under wraps, and don't know why they'd keep other Doctors a secret in the first place.

If the 50th is just Tennant and Smith, what a bloody shame and missed opportunity.
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