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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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You might have a point there as a fair chunk of my favourite DS9 episodes are standalones whereas none of my favourite B5 episodes are. However, B5 was also a much more serialised show, with S3 and S4 being much, much more serialised than DS9 ever was. B5 was actively trying to show how television could be transformed in to something more literary, whereas DS9 was just a very awesome Star Trek show.
That's all true, and I give B5 a lot of credit for that. But as neozeks said, DS9 had the edge on the craft side of things. The dialogue on B5 was very hit and miss; when it worked it was great and when it was bad it was cringeworthy. DS9 had some terrible dialogue in places, but it generally it came across more naturally as it wasn't trying as hard to be clever. In terms of acting, particularly guest acting, DS9 comes out on top. And DS9 obviously had a bigger budget and could afford greater quality in most areas of production. There are other things I could criticise about B5 on a personal level (technomages being high on that list) but I already did a thread doing that.

But just to be clear, Babylon 5 was a great show, and I particularly loved Londo's character arc. I can completely understand why many people prefer it to DS9.

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I tried watching a few season 1 B5 eps a few months back and... it just failed to hook me. I dunno why... the station was interesting and more... rough... so to say, but the cast just fell flat.

I know, everyone says it's better later on and to be fair season 1 of both tng and ds9 fell fairly flat too. Just one of those things, I haven't really gotten into yet.
That seems to be a common story as that's exactly what happened to me the first time I tried to watch it. That's why I started watching B5 as a review thread, because I needed something to force me to keep watching through that rough first season. I'm glad that plan worked.

Did you get to episode 4, Infection? Because that's godawful, it's honestly one of the worst episodes of television I've ever seen, and it's the reason I gave up on the show first time around. If you can survive that episode, you'll survive the rest.
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