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Dick Whitman
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Re: Green Arrow (CW)

Its been so long since I have seen that movie I do not remember him doing that.

The other day for some reason I checked to see what Smallville reruns would be airing soon. The one which showed Oliver's origin aired yesterday so I DVRed it. I was never that impressed with it before but after Arrow its really pathetic. He was on the Island in that version for 2 years. Yet his hair does not grow an inch and he has a day's worth of facial hair.

I remember Hartley said if he was given more noticed he would have grown a full beard. But even than the Producers could have given him a wig and fake beard. Until he said he was on the island for 2 years, I would have thought he was on it a few months at most! The brief Archery montage feels like days. There is no sense of passage of time.
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